Taiwanese Castella Cake

This cake is revered for its texture as much as its taste. Pillow-soft soft and super moist, jiggly to the touch, and mildly sweet.
  • Prep Time: 20mins
  • Cooking Time: 1hr




  1. Separate yolk and whites from eggs (Egg whites into a large mixing bowl)
  2. Sieve flour into another mixing bowl
  3. Slowly add the egg yolks into this mix until you get a smooth batter
  4. Add the vanilla extract and mix in
  5. Using an electric whisk, whisk the egg whites into a meringue by slowly adding the sugar
  6. Pour the batter mixture into the meringue and with a hand whisk fold the mixture until they combine
  7. Finish folding with a spatula to get a runny mixture
  8. Prepare the cake tin by lining a baking sheet on the inside and lining the outside with aluminium twice (to prevent water from reaching inside)
  9. Place the cake tin in a baking tray
  10. Pour the mixture into the lined cake tin and use the spatula to smooth out the surface evenly whilst removing any large bubbles
  11. Boil (80°C) and pour water into the baking tray so that it creates a hot bath for the cake tin
  12. Place the whole thing in the oven at 150℃ for 60min
  13. Melt butter and milk together in pan
  14. Once melted, pour hot butter/milk mixture into flour mixing bowl and mix with a hand whisk
🔗 Source: https://youtu.be/840D3AcTmcM